Single-In-Line (SIL) series 111 - 119

All Pickering reed relays feature the highest quality instrumentation grade reed switches making them suitable for the most demanding applications. Internal mu-metal magnetic screens (optional on Series 103) allow very high packing density. Diodes are optional.

Pickering Series 119

High Voltage Micro-SIL Reed Relays
For up to 3 kilovolts

SoftCenter ® construction
• Smallest high voltage relays currently available
• Highest quality Instrumentation Grade vacuum reed switches
• Internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• One or two switches in a single package
• 1 Form A (energize to make) up to 3kV
• 2 Form A (energize to make) up to 1kV
• 1 Form B (energize to break) up to 1kV or 2kV
• 3, 5 and 12 Volt coils are standard, with or without
internal diode
• 100% tested for dynamic contact resistance

The Series 119 is a range of Micro-SIL Single-In-Line reed relays intended for voltages that are beyond the capabilities of conventional SIL reed relays. The 1 Form A, 1kV version is pin and package compatible with the established and popular Series 109P.

They are an ideal choice for Cable testers, Mixed signal ATE or any other applications where high voltage capability is required and where space is at a premium.