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Custom Reed Relays

With over a thousand catalog parts there is plenty of choice when choosing the right Reed Relay for your product, but if you cannot find one suitable for your needs Pickering can customize our standard parts to suit your specific requirements and applications.

Many of these customizations are minor variations of a standard part, for example, a different test specification or pin configuration. Others are total specials, designed to meet your particular requirements.

Customized parts can include:

Variations or enhancement of specifications

Special pin configurations or pin lengths

Special print with customers own part number or logo

Custom Packaging

Equivalents to competitors discontinued parts

Non-standard coil voltages and resistance figures

Special Life testing under customer's specific load conditions

Specific environmental requirements

Controlled Thermal EMF

Very low capacitance

Technical help with your custom requirements


For more information, please contact our technical sales team at techsales@pickeringrelay.com who will be happy to work with you & design a specific one of a kind reed relay. Or if you are unsure of your Reed Relay requirements please contact us.

Custom design examples: