Low Coil Power/Low Thermal EMF Reed Relays

All Pickering reed relays feature the highest quality instrumentation grade reed switches making them suitable for the most demanding applications. Internal mu-metal magnetic screens (optional on Series 103) allow very high packing density. Diodes are optional.

Pickering Series 100

Low Thermal EMF Relays
Direct drive from CMOS

SoftCenter™ construction
• Highest quality instrumentation grade switches
• Thermal EMF about 1 microvolt or less
• Low power consumption, ideal for portable equipment
• Encapsulated in a plastic package with internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• Many benefits compared to industry standard relays. Learn more here >.
• Wide range of switch configurations - 1 Form A,1 Form B, 2 Form A, 1 Form C
Two pole relay requires the same board area as the single pole type
Dry and mercury wetted switches are available with the same pin configuration and footprint
Insulation resistance greater than 10E12 Ohms (1TOhms) for dry Form A devices
5, 12 and 24 volt coils are standard, with or without internal diode
100% tested for dynamic contact resistance

The Pickering Series 100 is a complete range of Single-in- Line (SIL) reed relays primarily intended for direct drive from 4000B CMOS or similar low current sources. They feature a very low level of thermal EMF. The mercury wetted relays in the range may be driven directly from TTL logic.

They are also useful for applications where conservation of current is important, for example, battery powered equipment.

The extremely low level of thermal EMF, about 1 microvolt or less, of the dry versions make them ideally suited to applications such as data acquisition or thermocouple switching.

An internal mu-metal magnetic screen is fitted to avoid the effects of magnetic interaction between relays.

If you do not require quite such high coil resistances or if a slightly smaller device is desired, please look also at our Series 101 which may be driven directly by 74HC or 74HCT logic.

Other special parts are also available that may be operated from 3 Volt logic, please contact our Sales Office for further information.