High Voltage

All Pickering Reed Relays feature the highest quality instrumentation grade reed switches making them suitable for the most demanding applications. Featuring vacum reed switches - from 1kV stand-off at 10 Watts switching up to 15kV stand-off at 50 Watts switching.

Pickering Series 62 & 63

High Voltage Dry Reed Relays
For up to 15 kV

SoftCenter™ construction
• Many benefits compared to industry standard relays. Learn more here >.
• Up to 15 kV stand-off
• 12.5 kV switching
• Small size
• Easy mounting
• Long life
• Fully encapsulated

Series 62 Chassis mounting with push-on connections on the top face

Series 63 Printed circuit mounting with push-on high voltage connections on the top face

The Series 62 and 63 ranges of high voltage reed relays feature push-on terminals and are supplied complete with the appropriate connectors and insulating boots.

They are available for up to 15kV stand-off, 12.5kV switching at 50 Watts maximum. Tungsten plated contacts ensure a long and reliable life.

Both Form A (energize to make) and Form B (energize to break) configurations are available and it is usually possible to achieve a Form C (change-over) function by using a Form A and a Form B
type together.

These relays feature an internal mu-metal magnetic screen which permits the Form A (energize to make) versions to be mounted side by side. Special versions can be manufactured with an electrostatic screen and/or earth connection to the magnetic screen. This can often be useful where EMC problems are encountered, please contact our technical sales office.

Form B types are magnetically biased and should not be mounted directly onto ferrous metal chassis or less than 1 inch (25mm) away from other relays as the coil operating voltage characteristics will be altered due to magnetic interaction. The coils of Form B relays are polarity sensitive, the positive connection is identified by a red spot.

5, 12, and 24 volt coils are available as standard other voltages can be supplied to special order.