Up to 1A, 20W switching reed relays

All Pickering reed relays feature the highest quality instrumentation grade reed switches making them suitable for the most demanding applications. Internal mu-metal magnetic screens (optional on Series 103) allow very high packing density. Diodes are optional.

Pickering Series 115

Single-in-Line Reed Relays
Up to 20 Watts switching - Very high packing density Stacks on 0.15 x 0.27 inches pitch

SoftCenter construction
• 3V, 5V or 12V coils with optional internal diode
• 10, 15 or 20 Watts switching
• Highest quality instrumentation grade switches
• Plastic package with internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• They take up the minimum of board area, saving cost and space
• Insulation resistance greater than 1E12 Ohms
• 100% tested for dynamic contact resistance for guaranteed performance

The Pickering Series 115 is a range of Single-in-Line relays intended for very high density applications such as A.T.E. switching matrices or multiplexers.

They are pin compatible with the Pickering Series 116 and 117 but have a slightly higher profile.

The reed switch/coil assemblies used in this series are the same as used in the long established and well proven, Series 109 and 109P.