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Pickering Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets

Download our latest data sheets for all of our Reed Relays

Pickering Reed Relay Finder

Reed Relay Finder
The Reed Relay Finder is a single sheet reference to our entire range of high quality reed relays.

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Pickering Technical Guide

Concise Technical Guide
If used correctly, a reed relay is a superbly reliable device. The switch contacts are hermetically sealed, so do not suffer from oxidization or contamination in the same way as an open electromechanical relay. Although in reality, relays are often considered slightly mundane and little thought is given to them which sometimes leaves them vulnerable.

This concise technical guide will help you to maximise the reliability of your design.
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Pickering Reed RelayMate Book

RelayMate Book This book is intended to be a practical book about reed relays aimed at engineers. It requires little or no theoretical knowledge about the materials they are constructed from, all the issues are dealt with in a practical manner.

With the information supplied in this book we hope users will better understand the efforts that go into designing what in principle is a simple component but which in practice is a complicated product full of engineering compromises and best value judgements.

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Pickering 3D Relay Models

Reed Relays 3D Models
Download models of our rendered relays in various file formats to view them in programs such as Solid Works or AutoCad

Pickering Reed Relay Catalog

Complete relay catalog
Discover high quality Reed Relays for:
Instrumentation and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) | High voltage switching | Low thermal EMF | Direct drive from CMOS | RF switching | And other applications
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Pickering Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms Guide
A handy terminology guide explaining all the content used in this site.

50 Years of Quality Reed Relays Book

A book celebrating the first 50 years of Pickering Electronics
To celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year, we published a book about the first 50 years of manufacturing quality Reed Relays. The book features various milestones in Pickering Electronics’ history, along with stories, quotes and personal photographs from our founder, directors and employees..