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RoHS Certificaton

REACH Certification



rohs certification

Pickering are fully compliant to the use of materials. We support the European Union's commitment Restriction of Hazardous Substances.
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reach certification

Our certificate program offers traceability of compliance, addressing production & use of chemical substances, & their impacts on human health& the environment.
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iso certification

Our quality management systems ensure commitment to quality & customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving our company's operations.
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View our ROHS3 status here >>

Pickering manufactures Reed Relays for instrumentation applications using only the highest quality materials. We are certified to ISO 9001-2015 and audited by the British Standards Institution.

Pickering relays are subjected to continuous inspection during the manufacturing process and after a strenuous thermal cycling routine are 100 percent tested for all operating parameters on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and other specialized equipment.

All ATE test results are archived and used for Statistical Process Control. You can view our ISO Certification here >>.

using automated X-Y inspection tables.

in-house x-ray equipment is used extensively both for inspection and for product development.

using stereo zoom microscopes.