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Why Pickering Reed Relays?

Because Quality Matters

Pickering Electronics continue to lead the high-end reed relay market through innovative product design, high-performance components and exceptional quality control.

Part of the privately-owned Pickering Group, company operations employ over 500 staff across quality accredited factories in the UK and the Czech Republic, supplying demanding Aerospace, Infrastructure, Test & Measurement and ATE applications worldwide.

Pickering Electronics - Reed Relay Fan

Reliability through quality

50 Year reputation for exceptional product life longevity derived from continuous staged manufacturing inspection, strenuous full range thermal cycling and 100% testing for all operating parameters.

Reliability through design

Environmentally compliant designs and unique Softcenter® technology combine to create an optimised assembly that minimises internal lifetime stresses, extending working life and contact stability.

Switching Performance

Compared with common bobbin based products, our formerless coil constructions maximise magnetic efficiency resulting in faster switching speeds, optimal switching action and several orders of an extended lifetime at operational extremes.

Cost & Size Performance

Industry leading mu-metal magnetically screened packages deliver ultra-high PCB packing densities, saving significant cost and space.

Designers toolkit

Free samples, worldwide tech support and an unrivalled range of specialist and custom devices, Pickering engineers work alongside customers to deliver problem solving solutions for complex and challenging applications.

Quality Assurance

and compliance – certified to ISO 9001-2015 and audited by the British Standards Institution. Committed to RoHS & REACH compliance.


An established global network of group sales offices supported by local agents and distributors, Pickering operate an established logistical supply chain worldwide.

The Pickering Group

Employing over 500 staff across 8 sites in the UK and CZ, Pickering Electronics are a key technology partner for Pickering Interfaces and Pickering Connect, supporting the design and manufacture of high performance modular signal switching and simulation systems.

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