Older Pickering Reed Relay Styles

All Pickering Reed Relays feature the highest quality instrumentation grade reed switches making them suitable for the most demanding applications.

These ranges have been manufactured for many years. Most sold today are for service replacements - proving Pickering's long term commitment to our products and to our customers

Pickering Series 80, 85, 88 & 89

General Purpose Reed Relays
Dry and mercury wetted

SoftCenter™ construction
• Encapsulated in a plastic package with internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• Wide range of switch configurations
• Many benefits compared to industry standard relays. Learn more here >.
• Dry and mercury wetted switches are available with the same pin configuration
• 5, 12 and 24 volt coils are standard, with or without internal diode

These ranges of reed relays are available with both dry and mercury wetted switches. They are available with 5, 12 and 24 volts coils, a particularly useful feature of the 5 volt dry devices is their ability to be driven directly from TTL, the coil requiring only 10mA of drive current.

All units have an internal magnetic screen and can be supplied with built-in diode if required.

Standard coil voltages are 5, 12 and 24 volts. All relays are fitted with internal magnetic screen to avoid stray magnetic interaction between adjacent relays.

Many special coil resistances are available, and relays can be designed to customers specific requirements