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Ukraine Conflict

Pickering has received numerous customer inquiries regarding potential disruption due to the very sad military conflict in the Ukraine.

Pickering sales into the Ukraine are very low, but we will continue to sell and support products for our Ukraine customers (under the February 2022 government).

Pickering Group stopped selling/supporting any of our products in Russia/Belarus several years ago.  

We are aware, that in October 2022, the European Union imposed sanctions on Russia (through the amendment of Regulation R.833/2014) that prevent European companies from importing/purchasing certain parts containing Russian steel/iron.

Since the latest amendment to the regulation made on 23 June 2023, the Pickering Group has undertaken various pro-active preventative measures throughout its supply chain to ensure that any commodities exported under CN codes 7206-7229 and 7301-7326 do not contain iron and steel inputs of Russian origin.

If further specific details of the Pickering Groups current preventative measures are required please contact quality@pickeringrelay.com 

A thorough review of our energy, IT, or other systems within our Czech and UK facilities has shown no known vulnerability to potential disruption due to the conflict or anticipated escalations.

Pickering employees in the UK and especially the Czech Republic are raising funds and goods to donate to the victims and refugees from this crisis – Pickering will match all employee funds raised with an equal donation.

We hope this answers all your questions and concerns, but if you do have any further queries please contact us.

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