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The Reed Relay Manufacturers

A wide choice of reed relay ranges for high-end Instrumentation, Automatic Test Equipment and Semiconductor Test

Pickering Reed Relays offer single-in-line (SIP), dual-in-line (DIP) through-hole and surface mount (SMD) packages. Most importantly, using only the highest quality reed switches. 

Our reed relays are available in various contact configurations, including 1 Form A (SPST N.O.), 2 Form A (DPST N.O.), 1 Form B (SPST N.C.), 1 Form C (SPDT changeover), 2 Form C (DPDT changeover) and 3 Form A (3PST N.O)

Please refer to the categories below to find the reed relay you require, or why not try our Reed Relay Selector

This tool will help you narrow down our offering by filtering by coil voltage, switching power, switching voltage, and more to help you find the right reed relay needed for your application.

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Pickering manufacture in the UK and mainland Europe in the Czech Republic. Reed relays are sold direct or through distribution and shipped worldwide. If you would like technical assistance, please get in touch with us. In addition, if you would like to speak to a local representative, please check our complete list of agents and representatives.

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