High Voltage

Please see below Pickering’s Series 67 & 68 high voltage reed relays.

These relays can stand-off 10kV, switching at up to 50W.

Series 67 & 67 reed relays are suitable for many applications including high-end cable testers, backplane testers, big physics and high voltage instrumentation.

Pickering Series 67 & 68 - up to 10 kV

High Voltage Dry Reed Relays
For up to 10kV

Option of flying leads for high voltage connections
• Up to 10kV stand-off, 7.5kV switching
SoftCenter™ construction
• Many benefits compared to industry standard relays. Learn more here >
• Small size
• Easy mounting with pins on Single-in-Line format
• Robust tungsten plated contacts
• Fully encapsulated
• Internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• Option of internal diode across the coil connections

Series 67 PCB mounting with switch and coil connections in a Single-in-Line format.

Series 68 PCB connections on the underside for coil connections. Flying leads from the top face for high voltage connections.

The Series 67 and 68 are constructed using former-less coils. The absence of a coil supporting bobbin allows a device smaller than the industry norm. The unusual package design gives some interesting possibilities for high density packing.

The option of flying leads for the high voltage connections makes it possible to keep this away from lower voltage circuitry on the pcb.

Form A (energize to make) contacts are available with the option of 5, 12 and 24 volt operating coils.