Up to 20W + RF Magnetically Screened Reed Relays

All Pickering reed relays feature the highest quality instrumentation grade reed switches making them suitable for the most demanding applications. Internal mu-metal magnetic screens (optional on Series 103) allow very high packing density. Diodes are optional.

Pickering Series 109

Micro-SIL Reed Relays - Including coaxial types for stacking on 0.15 x 0.6 inches pitch giving SUPERB PACKING DENSITY

SoftCenter™ construction
• Highest quality instrumentation grade switches
• Many benefits compared to industry standard relays. Learn more here >.
• 1 Form A (energise to make)
• 2 Form A (energise to make)
• 1 Form C (change over)
1 Form B (energise to break)
1 Form A Coaxial 50 Ohms impedance (energise to make)
1 Form A Coaxial 75 Ohms impedance (energise to make)
Insulation resistance greater than 10E12 Ohms (1TOhms)
3, 5 and12 Volt coils are standard, with or without internal diode

The mu-metal packaged Series 109 and 109RF, and the plastic packaged Series 109P, are magnetically screened single-in-line reed relays that stack on 0.15 inches x 0.6 inches pitch. The adjacent column gives further details of the device types available.

These relays require little more than half the board area of the more usual 0.2 x 0.8 inch devices, this allows around 80 percent more relays onto your board. These are the ideal choice for high density applications such as A.T.E. switching matrices or where very little board area is available.

Mu-metal, due to its high permeability and low magnetic remanence is used to provide magnetic screening. This eliminates problems that would otherwise occur due to magnetic interaction. Interaction is usually measured as a percentage increase in the voltage required to operate a relay when two additional relays, stacked one each side, are themselves operated. An unscreened device mounted on this pitch would have an interaction figure of around 40 percent. Relays of this size without magnetic screening would therefore be totally unsuitable for applications where dense packing is required. Pickering Series 109 and 109RF have a typical interaction figure of 1 percent. Series 109P and 109PH have a typical figure of 3 percent.

Two types of Form A (energize to make) switches are available, a general purpose switch (switch no.1) and a vacuum sputtered ruthenium switch (switch no.2) which is ideal for low level or “cold” switching applications. 5 volt coils normally have a resistance of 500 ohms and 12 volt coils are 1000 ohms. A sensitive single pole 5 volt device with a 1000 ohms coil is also available. Internal back E.M.F. clamping diodes are an option for all types. The small size of these relays often makes it possible to increase the functionality of existing designs without increasing the size of printed circuit boards.