Pickering Achieves Exclusive Best Employer Gold Accreditation

Best Employers East - Pickering Electronics

An electronics manufacturer on the Essex sunshine coast has won a prestigious Gold Accreditation in the Best Employers Eastern Region.

In a resounding affirmation of its exceptional workplace environment, Pickering Group has proudly achieved the prestigious Gold Accreditation in the Best Employers Eastern Region. This esteemed recognition comes as a result of anonymous surveys completed by Pickering’s employees, focusing on Pickering’s employee engagement, company culture, and values. Here’s what the judges had to say:

"An excellent application with lots of really strong evidence of the work undertaken to date and proposed further actions.

There were lots of great examples of creative and innovative engagement and wellbeing activities which clearly pay off as reflected in the fabulous retention rates. It was great to see the use of the data from the survey of new starters as evidence in recruitment and retention.

The extent of charity work undertaken is amazing and it is clear that the company is on a journey to extend its ESG activities which is really positive to see."

Best Employers is a program designed to help over 600 businesses understand their employees’ experience. The program empowers businesses to go above and beyond for the workplace, promoting good company culture and environments. Every two years, companies across the Eastern Region are invited to take part in an Employee Engagement Survey. After all of the results are received they are then benchmarked  and the companies with the best results are invited to apply for a accreditation. The applications are then assessed by an independent panel of judges.

This Gold Accreditation serves as a testament to Pickering Group’s unwavering dedication to creating a workplace where innovation, positivity, and support shines. Pickering Group continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, not only through its cutting-edge electrical solutions, but also through its commitment to nurturing a workforce that excels and finds fulfillment in their careers.

People and Culture Manager, Amy Hewer, shares, “At Pickering, having a culture where employees thrive and feel valued is so important to us. Our pride in achieving the gold accreditation is a reflection of our dedication to making Pickering Group an employer of choice and where people feel they are at the heart of everything we do.”

CEO, Keith Moore adds, “This achievement reaffirms our belief that happy employees lead to a successful company. We are immensely proud of our team and their dedication to creating a workplace that brims with positivity and support.”

Don’t take it from us…

With over 220 dedicated employees in the UK and a global workforce of around 550, people are at the heart of everything Pickering stands for. As such, the company firmly believes that everyone should have a voice. This confidential survey allowed the company to gather feedback across the group to help them continue to deliver excellence every day. Here’s what some of Pickering’s employees had to say.

“Having worked at 4 different companies before coming to Pickering, I can clearly say that Pickering is the best I have worked for in almost every aspect. One of the main reasons I joined Pickering was because it stated that ‘people’ are what mattered to Pickering the most. This has been proven true in every possible way I could have imagined. I love working at Pickering and hope to have a long-lasting career here.”

“I have a great deal of gratitude at being employed by Pickering and feel a symbiotic loyalty. It’s nice to feel appreciated and I think Pickering’s work friendly/family environment breeds enthusiasm for the company’s continued success. I feel invested in Pickering.”

Why Pickering Group Is the Ideal Workplace

Engagement Beyond Boundaries: Pickering Group doesn’t just hire employees; they nurture careers. The engaging work environment ensures that every individual’s voice is heard and valued, creating a sense of belonging rarely found elsewhere.

Culture of Care: Pickering Group’s dedication to employee wellbeing goes beyond the ordinary. From well-rounded benefit packages to activities that promote mental and physical health, employees are encouraged to thrive both personally and professionally.

Innovation at Its Core: Being part of Pickering Group means being at the forefront of innovation. The company’s dedication to cutting-edge technology provides a stimulating environment for professionals to push boundaries and make a real difference in the industry.

Global Family: With a global team, Pickering Group encourages diversity and embraces different perspectives. Working alongside professionals from various cultures provides a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Join the Pickering family and embark on a fulfilling career journey. Discover opportunities that match your skills and aspirations at Pickering Group Careers. Become part of a workplace where your dreams are nurtured, your efforts are celebrated, and your success is a collective achievement.

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