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Pickering Relay
United Kingdom

SIL Series 116

Following the success of the Series 117 Introduced in 2002, Pickering Electronics have now released the SERIES 116. This new range is pin compatible with the Series 117 but features a switching power rating of 10 Watts rather than 3 Watts.

The single pole version requires a board area of only 0.15 x 0.27 inches. The very small size of these relays often makes it possible to increase the functionality of existing designs without increasing the size of printed circuit boards.

Series 116 or 117 are the ideal choice for very high-density applications such as ATE switching matrices or where board area is very restricted. They are housed in a plastic package with an internal mu-metal magnetic screen. This has the advantage of high permeability and low magnetic remanence and eliminates problems that would otherwise occur due to magnetic interaction.

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