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How Data Acquisition Can Benefit from Reed Relays - Application Guide

In data acquisition (DAQ) applications, measurements need to be taken from a wide range of transducer and sensor types. Many produce a voltage in response to a condition; for example, a photovoltaic (PV) cell reacting to light or a Hall effect sensor reacting to the presence of a magnetic field. In other cases, a fundamental property/characteristic of the sensor is relative to its environment, as is the case with a resistance temperature detector (RTD) or a dielectric sensor used to measure moisture content.

The outputs/properties of the transducers are then conditioned into signals for feeding into data logging instrumentation (data loggers) or to act as inputs into closed loop control circuitry.

In many cases, multiple sensors or transducers are employed; for example, several RTDs might be used to measure temperature in different locations. However, it is impractical to have a signal conditioning circuit for each sensor. Instead, it is more efficient to poll the sensors. Moreover, common signal conditioning circuitry can be used with different sensor types (see Figure 1). The circuitry’s gain and perhaps filtering are controlled to make best use of the sensors’ range.

Above, a diagram showing the steps of a data acquisition system.

Reed relays are ideal for connecting the signal conditioning circuitry to the sensors for a variety of reasons, including their low thermal EMFs, low leakage currents and capacitance, and hermetically sealed contacts protecting from environmental contaminants and ensuring reliable performance up to 1 billion operations.

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Contents of the application guide:

  • Introduction to Data Acquisition
  • The Role of Reed Relays in DAQ Systems
  • Comparing Relay Technologies
  • Reed Relay Terminology
  • Recommended Products
  • Why Pickering Electronics for Reed Relays
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