Eliminate noise issues in tightly stacked designs with Pickering’s new electrostatic shielding option

New screening option for Pickering’s Series 67/68 10kV high voltage reed relays minimize noise between the coil drive and high voltage circuits

Pickering Electronics, the reed relay company which has pioneered miniaturization and high performance for over 55 years, now offers optional electrostatic shielding for its 10kV stand-off Series 67/68 SIL/SIP reed relay families. Electrostatic screening protects against noise which can otherwise occur between the coil drive and high voltage circuits. This new screening is in addition to Pickering’s internal mu-metal screen which eliminates magnetic interaction when devices are closely stacked.

Series 67 and 68 high voltage reed relays are constructed using a leadframe in a Single-in-Line format and feature former-less coils which means that they can be housed in a

smaller package than is usual for this type of device, that measures just 58.4 x 12.6 x 14.5mm. Series 67 relays feature PCB connections to switch and coil and provide the highest power switch capability in the Pickering portfolio – up to 200W . Series 68 devices have PCB connections to coil and flying leads to the switch which keeps high voltage away from the PCB. Configurations include:

  • 1 Form A SPST up to 10kV stand-off, 7.5kV switching at 50W (max);
  • 1 Form A SPST up to 8kV stand-off, 6kV switching at 200W (max);
  • 1 Form C SPDT up to 5kV stand-off, 2.5kV switching at 100W (max);
  • 5, 12 or 24V coils are available with the option of an internal diode across the coil connections

Commented Kevin Mallett, Technical Specialist at Pickering Electronics: “Pickering continuously looks to improve our product offering. Electrostatic screening adds a new level of protection, ensuring our relay families provide the optimum performance for high voltage applications.”

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