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How are Reed Relays Constructed?

Watch this video for a brief explanation of how Pickering Electronics assemble / construct their high performance reed relays for high-end Semiconductor Testing, Instrumentation and Automatic Test Equipment.

Want to learn more about Pickering’s unique relay construction techniques?
To learn about formerless coil winding and SoftCenter
 technology click here.

Looking for additional information on reed relay technology?
Pickering has published an educational book, the Reed RelayMate, which
provides an overview of how reed relays work, how they are constructed and how to interpret their specifications and make best use of them in their applications.

Contents include:

  • Reed relay basics
  • Comparing reed relays with other relay technologies
  • Packaging reed relays
  • Manufacturing test of reed relays
  • Choosing a reed relay
  • Placing and driving a reed relay coil
  • Loading reed relays
  • Understanding specifications
  • Relay terminology

To view or download your free copy click here.

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About Pickering Electronics

Pickering Electronics was formed over 50 years ago to design and manufacture high quality reed relays, intended principally for use in Instrumentation and Test equipment. Today, Pickering’s Single-in-Line (SIL/SIP) range is by far the most developed in the relay industry with devices 25% the size of many competitors. These small SIL/SIP reed relays are sold in high volumes to large ATE and Semiconductor companies throughout the world.

Pickering Electronics is part of the privately-owned Pickering Group; made up of three electronics manufacturers, including Pickering Interfaces who design and manufacture modular signal switching and simulation products, and Pickering Connect who design and manufacture cables and connectors.

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