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New high-voltage, long-life dry reed relays now rated up to an astonishing 200W

Significantly higher current-carry rating and small size for closer stacking from Pickering Electronics

Pickering Electronics has released yet another high voltage relay within the unique Series 67 range. Now available with the highest power switch in the Pickering portfolio, rated up to an impressive 200W. With a stand-off voltage of up to 8 kV, and capable of 6kV switching with a power rating of 200W, Series 67 relays are constructed using a leadframe in a Single-in-Line (SIL) format and feature former-less coils which results in a smaller package than is usual for this type of device.

Commented Kevin Mallett, Technical Specialist at Pickering Electronics: “Long-life tungsten contacts with a higher power and high current carry capabilities enable Series 67 reed relays to be used in high-performance applications where high reliability is demanded.
The unusual SIL package style permits some interesting stacking possibilities making the relays very versatile when used to construct high-density multiplexers or matrices.”

Series 67 dry reed relays feature PCB connections to both switch and coil. Similarly rated sister devices in Pickering’s Series 68 family have PCB connections to the coil and flying leads to the switch which separates the high voltage away from the PCB.

Devices are available with 5, 12, and 24V coils with optional internal diode, and in 1 Form A and 1 Form C configurations. Other voltages can be supplied to special orders as can variations in the lead length of the Series 68 type.

The Series 67 dry reed relays suit high voltage applications including electrosolar and cable testing. More information on the new 200W Series 67 is available at here.

Pickering offer over a thousand standard catalogue reed relays, but for those that require something a little more bespoke, the company offers many standard build options, all the way to a fully customized part, depending on requirements. For example, if you are interested in the 200W Series 67 but require a different footprint or specific coil voltages or resistance figures the company would be happy to work with the designer to the meet exact specification request.

Click here to view the 67 data sheet

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