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Pickering Electronics SIL/SIP reed relays handle higher continuous carry currents to 3A

Highest quality switches with sputtered ruthenium contacts suit low level ‘dry’ switching stand-off; mu metal screening to enable close stacking.

Pickering Electronics has launched the Series 100 HC high power SIL/SIP reed relay that is rated for 1A switching at up to 40W and up to 3A continuous carry current. Featuring the highest quality instrumentation-grade switches with sputtered ruthenium contacts, Series 100 HC relays are suitable for low level or ‘dry’ switching applications.

Commented Kevin Mallett Technical Specialist at Pickering Electronics: “The Series 100HC offers over double the coil resistance of other similar products and the continuous carry current specification of 3 Amps can be increased in pulsed current applications.”

Three types of higher coil resistance also result in reduced heating giving Series HC reed relays a thermal EMF performance less than 10μV.

Series 100 HC high power SIL/SIP reed relays feature an internal mu-metal screen to minimize issues that would otherwise be experienced due to magnetic interaction when they are closely stacked. Devices are available with 5, 12 or 24V coils with optional internal diode and with one or two switches in a single package.

The new high power SIL/SIP reed relays are suitable for high power applications, and in many cases may be used as an alternative to mercury wetted reed relays. More information is available here.

Key Features

• Up to 3 Amps continuous carry current
• 1 A switching at up to 40 W
• Highest quality instrumentation grade switches
• High coil resistance for low power consumption
• Thermal EMF levels less than 10 μV
• Stacking on 0.40 Inches pitch
• Internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• One or two switches in a single package
• Form A (energise to make) or Form B (energise to break) configurations
• 5, 12 or 24 V coils with optional internal diode

Click here to download the 100HV datasheet

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