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New high voltage SMD reed relays in the spotlight at CIIE 2023

Visit Booth 4.1B0-02 at CIIE in Shanghai, from November 5–10, 2023

Pickering Electronics, the leading high performance reed relay manufacturer, will showcase its newly-introduced high voltage surface mount reed relay, Series 219, on booth 4.1B0-02 at the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE), taking place from November 5 to 10, at Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center.

Co-hosted by China’s Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal Government, this critical import expo is designed to promote the Chinese domestic market to foreign companies, helping strengthen international economic cooperation and trade, opening up the Chinese market to the world and boosting domestic consumption.

Keith Moore, CEO of Pickering Group said: “Pickering Group is looking forward to participating in the China International Import Expo for the second time. At this important event, we will showcase Pickering’s reed relays, modular signal switching and simulation technologies, software, and cables and connectors to engineering customers, alongside our efficient and localized technical support and services. Technical and domain experts from our local Pickering Instruments (Beijing) Co., Ltd. have had in-depth exchanges with customers here and established valued contacts and friendships. We look forward to this opportunity to continue to expand the business of Pickering Group in China.

Suitable for mixed signal semiconductor testers, medical electronic equipment testing, electric vehicle (EV) charge point testing, and monitoring solar cell photovoltaic efficiency, Pickering’s new Series 219 high voltage SMD (surface mount device) reed relay can switch up to 1kV, and is the only surface mount high voltage relays available in the market in 2 Form A and 1 Form B packages. Pickering offers all contact configurations with three coil voltages, 3V, 5V, or 12V, while switch stand-off is up to 3kV in the 1 form A package, up to 2kV in the 1 form B package, and up to 1.5kV in the 2 form A package.

Other reed relay technology on show at CIIE includes Series 104HT, which can function in environments with temperatures as high as 125°C (with special order variants capable of reaching up to 150°C). Belonging to Pickering’s family of miniature high-voltage reed relays, it comes in the SIL package and is spaced at a 6.35mm (0.25in) pitch, providing a stand-off voltage capacity of up to 4kV. Series 104 reed relays are available in 1 Form A, 2 Form A, and 1 Form B configurations. Coil options comprise of 5, 12, or 24V, with an optional internal diode protection (even higher voltage ratings are available on special order). Mercury wetted devices are also available for applications where bounce free switching is required. These are rated at 1500V DC minimum stand-off, 500V DC switching at up to 50W.

The company will also highlight other high voltage reed relays, including its 67ES/68ES SIL/SIP reed relay families. Series 67 and 68 relays feature former-less coils, which means that they can be housed in a smaller package than is usual for this type of device, measuring just 58.4 x 12.6 x 14.5mm. Series 67 relays feature PCB connections to switch and coil, and provide the highest power switch capability – up to 200W – in the Pickering portfolio. Series 68 devices have PCB connections to the coil and flying leads to the switch, which isolates high voltage from the PCB.

Electrostatic screening protection is also available for the Series 104, Series 67, and 68 relays. This screening protects against noise which can otherwise occur between the coil drive and high voltage circuits. This new screening is in addition to Pickering’s internal mu-metal screen, which eliminates problems caused by magnetic interaction when devices are closely stacked.

Pickering Group will also showcase at CIIE its modular signal switching and simulation technologies for electronic test and verification from Pickering Interfaces, as well as its cables and connectors from Pickering Connect. Kevin Mallett, Technical Specialist at Pickering Electronics commented: “Pickering continuously looks to improve our product offering. The market in China is vibrant and we expect to see interest at CIIE from diverse sectors and applications, including mixed signal semiconductor testers, high-end cable and backplane testers, medical electronics, EVs, solar energy, and high voltage instrumentation.”

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