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High voltage Form B Micro-SIL reed relays

Pickering Electronics adds Form B (energise to break) reed relays to its Series 119 high voltage micro-SIL relay range.

The relay is intended for voltages considerably higher than standard small SIL relays, ideal for Cable and Backplane Testers, mixed signal ATE or other applications where high voltage capability is required.

The vacuumed sputtered ruthenium reed switches have a low level performance also, making them an ideal choice where a wide range of signals is involved. The range is based on the long established Series 109P style of plastic package with an internal mu-metal magnetic screen, allowing for high packing density. All Pickering Reed Relays have full magnetic screening which permits side by side operations. The Series 119 is also made using Pickering’s unique SoftCentre construction.

The new Form B reed relays increase the scope of the range which already includes four versions, all with 3, 5 or 12 volt operating coils. The 1 Form A, 1kV version has a package and pin configuration compatible with the Pickering’s standard 109P Reed Relay, i.e. 4 pins on 0.15 inches (3.8mm) pitch. These can be stacked side-by-side for maximum packing density. The other types have package lengths and pin configurations appropriate for their voltage ratings.

The relays are available in Surface Mount, Single-in-Line (SIL), Dual-in-Line (DIL) and many other popular package styles.

To find out more about Pickering and the new 119 Series High Voltage Micro-SIL Reed Relay visit: pickeringrelay.com.

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