Printed circuit board reed relays for test and measurement applications introduced by Pickering

Pickering Electronics Ltd is introducing the series 122 10-Watt reed relays for high speed test and measurement systems such as A.T.E. switching matrices or multiplexers.

Part of the Pickering 4mm2TM product family, the series 122 occupies a printed circuit board footprint of 4 by 4 millimetres. The relays measure 12.5 millimetres in height and are rated with a switching current of 0.5 amps at 10 Watts. 3- and 5-volt coils are available.

The relays offer fast operate and release times, typically 150 microseconds or less. The 1 Form A (SPST) normally open (NO) energize-to-make devices feature highest-quality, instrumentation-grade sputtered-ruthenium switches, and plastic packages with internal mu-metal magnetic screening to avoid the risk of magnetic interaction issues in densely packed applications.

Devices have an insulation resistance of greater than 1012? and are 100 percent tested for dynamic contact resistance to guarantee performance.

For ease of servicing and replacement, these reed relays maybe socketed using SMD or through-hole sockets. However, care must be taken to mitigate the risk of affecting contact resistance integrity.

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