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Reed relay shrinks size, boosts density

Pickering Electronics has unveiled a new reed relay that requires a board area of a mere 4 x 4 mm. The company claims that it’s Series 120 relays occupy the smallest board area while boasting the highest packing density currently available.

The new reed relays are available in two switch types: a general-purpose sputtered ruthenium switch rated for up to 20 W and 1 A and a low-level sputtered ruthenium switch rated at 10 W and 0.5 A.

These reed switches are oriented vertically within the package, and that significantly improves the packing density. But the small package size doesn’t allow an internal diode, either. Here, it’s worth mentioning that back EMF suppression diodes are included in many relay drivers. However, if they are taken out, depending on the drive method, diodes can be provided externally.

The Series 120 relays feature an internal mu-metal magnetic screen. Mu-metal provides high permeability and low magnetic remanence and eliminates problems that would otherwise occur due to magnetic interaction. The relays without magnetic screening are not suitable for applications in which dense packing is required.

The connectors — available in SMD and through-hole formats — allow these relays to be stacked in either a row or in a matrix on a 4-mm pitch.

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