NEW SERIES 67 and 68


New Series 67 and 68 High Voltage Reed Relays for up to 10kV

• PCB Mounting with option of flying lead switch connections
• Robust tungsten plated vacuum switches
• Plastic package with internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• Ideal for cable and transformer test or other high voltage applications

Pickering Electronics are pleased to announce the introduction of the Series 67 and 68 range of high voltage reed relays. Similar in specification to the long established Series 60/65 and 62/63, these new relays are manufactured in a Single-in-Line (SIL) format using former-less coils which dispense with the more usual coil supporting bobbin allowing a smaller package than similar rated devices. The Series 68 has flying leads for the switch connections which allow the high voltages to be kept away from the printed circuit board (PCB). The Series 67 has PCB connections for all terminals. The unusual package design does present some interesting packing possibilities for high density applications such as multiplexers and matrices in instrumentation and test systems. The relays are suitable for high voltage transformer and cable test and some electro-medical applications such as defibrillators.

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