Smallest board area for 15 Watts Reed Relay

Following the success of Series 117 and 116, Pickering Electronics are pleased to announce the release of Series 115.

Series 115 SIL Reed Relays

• 10 or 15 watts switching – Very high packing density
• Internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• Stacks on 0.15 X 0.27 pitch

Series 115 uses the same Form A switch and coil assemblies as the established Series 106, 107, 108, 109, 109P and 110.

Two types of sputtered ruthenium switches are available:
Switch type 1 is a very robust general purpose switch, now rated to 15 Watts, 0.75 Amps switching. Switch type 2 is better suited to low level or ‘cold’ switching.

Both types will carry 1.2 Amps. Initially, single pole versions only are available in this range. 1 and 2 pole versions are available in both Series 116 and 117.

These relays include an internal mu-metal magnetic screen which permits side-by-side packing with no risk of problems due to magnetic interaction.

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