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Low power consumption – 5 volt coils with a resistance of 2200 Ohms

Pickering Electronics are pleased to announce the release of Series 118.

Series 118 SIL Reed Relays

• Requires a board area of only 0.2 x 0.33 inches
• Plastic package with internal mu-metal magnetic screen
• Dry ruthenium switches

The new Pickering Series 118 is a range of very sensitive reed relays that are ideal for portable electronic instruments or other applications where low power consumption and a very small footprint is important. They include an internal mu-metal magnetic screen to eliminate the risk of problems due to magnetic interaction when mounted side-by-side.

Two switch types are available. Switch type 1 is a very robust, general purpose switch, rated at 15 Watts, 0.75 amps switching. Switch type 2 is better suited to low level or ‘cold’ switching with a rating of 10 watts, 0.5 Amps switching.

They feature high quality, sputtered ruthenium switch contacts and require a board area of only 0.2 x 0.33 inches (5.1 x 8.4 mm). The 5 volt version with the low level, switch type 2, has a coil resistance of 2.2kOhms. Initially, single pole versions only are available in this range but double pole versions will follow in the future.

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