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Pickering Electronics has extended its distributor partnership agreement with Wiselink to cover the Philippines. Wiselink already represents Pickering in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and has recently opened a new office in Santo Tomas, just outside Manila.

Wiselink places strong emphasis on delivering the best to its customers. The company acts as a supply channel partner for over 35 suppliers and more than 2,500 OEM and CEM customers in various industries. Comments Pickering CEO Keith Moore: “Wiselink is a proactive partner for us in this important region, dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction.”


Minimum 1500V stand-off; mini SIL/SIP packaging

Pickering Electronics has launched industry’s smallest high voltage relay. Housed in the miniture SIL/SIP package, new Series 131 reed relays have a footprint of just 12.5mm x 3.7mm and a height of 6.6mm and deliver a minimum stand-off of 1500V.

Featuring a  choice of 3, 5 or 12 volt coils, with optional internal diode, Series 131 reed relays are available in the 1 Form A (energize to make) SPST N.O. configuration, and can switch up to 0.7 amps, 10 watts. Devices are ideal for cable testers, mixed-signal/semiconductor testers, backplane testers, high voltage instrumentation, in-circuit test equipment or other HV applications.

Commented Keith Moore, CEO, Pickering Electronics: “Pickering Series 131 miniature SIL reed relays utilise vacuumed, sputtered ruthenium reed switches which have a superb low level performance, making them an excellent choice where a wide range of signals are involved. The range is based on our long-established Series 113 style of plastic package that incorporates an internal mu-metal magnetic screen to enable high packing density, and Pickering’s SoftCenter® construction which protects the reed switch.”

The Pickering 100 and 101 Series are a complete range of Single-in- Line (SIL) reed relays featuring low thermal EMF and primarily intended for direct drive from CMOS logic IC’s. The 100 series can be driven directly from 4000B CMOS or NMOS logic or similar low current sources, in addition, the mercury wetted relays in the range may be driven directly from TTL logic.

The 101 series is designed to be driven direct with 5V 74HC or 74HCT logic without the need for additional drivers, this can help save valuable board space.

Pickering employs many years of know-how and experience in the design and construction of their reed relays, features such as formerless coil construction allow the coil to be wound directly onto the glass envelope containing the reed switch, this maximises magnetic efficiency and allows the use of less sensitive reed switches resulting in optimal switching action and extended lifetime at operational extremes.


Pickering Electronics has introduced a new changeover 1 Form C version of its popular Series 67 high voltage PCB relay that saves space and makes design simple.

Explains Kevin Mallett, Technical Specialist at Pickering Electronics: “In applications where high voltage signals need to be routed to alternate points, polarity reversing, capacitor charge or discharge, for example, a high voltage Changeover relay (SPDT/Form C) would be the ideal solution.




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